After serval years of study and hard work to accumulate knowledge and working experience then you came across a long awaited GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY job you have been dreaming of. You spend time to build your CV and quickly submit with assurance from your qualification and experience.  You engage into frequent check of your mails and SMS with your ear always ready to hear your phone ring. Days pass by, then weeks, then Months as if nothing happens just because you’re CV was rejected because of the content, design or context. To let this horrible experience never happened, Take time and follow some KEY POINT TO NOTE WHEN BUILDING A PROFESSION CV.

Most job-matching services or recruiters who deal with good number of CV daily spend few second on each CV to match them to certain job opportunity.

  1. Who are you:

The “who  are you” question that is in the mind of the employer, is to quickly pick out your name, your current title and company, your previous title and company, your previous position start and end dates, your current position start and end dates, and education. Infect if it is possible to know this information without continue to read the CV, surely the employer will surely stop here and conclude.

  1. Design:

A well design CV draws attention, employer turn to spend longer time to carefully read in-between line of a CV especially when the CV is design a very good and professional way. This make them to find out about the person, bringing us to point number one. The first thing a task recruiter notices approximately any CV is the format. That is:

  • Is the entirety clean to locate in a single look?
  • Are the colors, fonts, and headings consistent?
  • Is all of the facts properly-prepared?
  1. Profession Title Suspense

Sometime due to engagement in many domain, some employee prefer not to put their professional title with the aim that the employer will came out with the title corresponding to his experience base on the job before him. But this is not always the case because the first impression of the employer may not give an opportunity to continue to go through. The following sections to be included in a CV:


  • Contact information
  • Profession
  • CV summary or goal
  • Experience
  • Capabilities
  • Education
  • Certifications and awards
  • Languages
  • Private projects